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The SJR Group works together with professional partners

Specifically for vertical tank construction, the SJR Group has worked for years in collegial cooperation with Grovo. In this partnership, Grovo has fulfilled the role of sales company for the tank construction activities of the SJR Group.

What does this mean for you?

Step 1.
Whether you want to request an actual offer or have a non-obligatory exploratory talk first, please do not hesitate to contact Grovo’s tank specialists.

Step 2.
They will take stock of your request/requirements and provide you with a competitive offer.

Step 3.
Should your offer translate into an order for tank construction, then Sloot Tankbouw will take over all substantive contacts and correspondence with you from Grovo.

Step 4.
After your project has been fully completed, Grovo will settle all financial-business aspects relating to your order with you.

Step 5.
Then, if desired, you can make agreements with Sloot Tankbouw about service and maintenance regarding the completed tank project.

Advantages of working together with Grovo:

  • Grovo has a great many contacts and interests in the tank construction market and can consequently buy in bulk, collectively and therefore at competitive prices. This advantage is always reflected in your offer.
  • Grovo is professionally familiar with all the advantages of Sloot Tankbouw and it can therefore provide you with good advice on your project.
  • Grovo is a financially-sound organisation, just like Sloot Tankbouw, and it builds on long-term relationships with its clients.

Would you like to learn more about Grovo
Here you will find a link to Grovo’s website.


Sloot Tankbouw has worked on various large and challenging projects all over the world.